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these are all the ships from USA, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, and Singapore working together to help find Malaysia’s missing airplane, MH370. this picture is just beautiful. :’) 

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Bookshelves update! ❤️

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Tom Odell, “I Know”

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“The wolf blood.” Arya remembered now.

All the Hollywood bullshit and accolades and money really doesn’t matter. It just gives you a slightly nicer house and slightly nicer food and slightly shinier hair. - Emmy Rossum for Esquire Magazine January 2014

''One day I’ll find someone to keep you off my mind so i won’t have to bother you. And so i can ignore you, like you’re ignoring me.''
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I must be as strong as my lady mother


whenever people say they dont like cats because they dont happily greet you at the door i give them the stinkiest eye

Mickey + The Sweater